HTC U12 Plus, But No HTC U12? HTC Explains The Name

HTC recently rolled out the HTC U12+, a very powerful Android smartphone that will give other flagship devices a run for their money, but with a confusing name.

The confusion stems from the fact that HTC did not release a regular HTC U12, but there is a “Plus” in the name of its latest flagship smartphone. HTC, however, has explained why it used the HTC U12+ name, and now it all makes sense.

According to an Android Headlines report, there were some internal debates on whether the next flagship HTC phone would be named the HTC U12 or the HTC U12+. The company eventually decided to go with the non-traditional HTC U12+ name.

In other smartphone brands, the “Plus” moniker is attached to a larger or upgraded version of a base model, such as the iPhone 8 Plus of Apple and the Galaxy S9+ of Samsung. The HTC U12+, however, has no HTC U12 partner, so why did the company give the smartphone such a name?

According to the report, the explanation given by HTC is that the HTC U12+ was named as such because of its specs and size. The HTC U12+ specs were in line with smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ due to features such as the dual-camera setup at the back. Its size is slightly smaller than other “Plus” devices but still much bigger than the regular flagship smartphones.

HTC named the HTC U12+ that way for the purpose of clarifying the smartphone’s position in the premium flagship smartphone market. HTC looks at the HTC U12+ as a device that will challenge the Galaxy S9+ and the iPhone 8 Plus instead of the smaller Galaxy S9 and iPhone 8.

The specifications of the new HTC phone show why it was named the HTC U12+. The device comes with a 6-inch QHD+ Super LCD 6 screen and a 3,500 mAh battery and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 6 GB of RAM. The HTC U12+ also features four cameras, with two on the front and two on the back.

The HTC U12+ also marks the second version of the squeezable smartphone feature. HTC Edge Sense 2 allows users to squeeze the sides of the devices to trigger apps and shortcuts.

The price of the HTC U12+, meanwhile, is also worthy of the “Plus” moniker. At a starting price point of $799.99, the device falls on the higher end of the premium smartphone market, which is also occupied by the Galaxy S9+ and iPhone 8 Plus.