Lenovo Z5 to launch June 5 with what looks to be an all-screen display

Lenovo could overtake other giant tech brands in bringing to market a smartphone with over 95% screen to body ratio — and no notch — as soon as June 5 with the Z5.

Less bezel, more screen, faster performance, better camera setups, and so on: smartphone manufacturers are climbing over one another to be the first to offer the latest technological advances, Lenovo included.

The Chinese manufacturer, who may be better known for its laptops than its mobile devices, appears to be gunning for the title of truly full-screen smartphone according to teasers from Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng over the past few weeks.

GSM Arena has translated Cheng’s Weibo post as saying: “it is easier to make a stunning screen than to try and hide a secret in one corner of the panel.” The site also noted that some users of the Chinese social networks would be able to earn invitations for the June Z5 launch.

Other recent posts from Cheng’s Weibo account have teased a full-screen Z5, first it was the top corner, then a full body sketch, followed by the bottom corner, each image boasting the chin-less, bezel-less, notch-less screen.

But industry watchers seem surprised that the brand appears to have a lead on bringing such a design to market.

News of Vivo launching its concept phone ‘Apex’, a bezel-less competitor, on June 12, may have spurred Lenovo to beat them to punch.

Cheng revealed the launch poster on Weibo, picked up by Playfuldroid, confirming the date as June 5, at 2PM (presumably GMT+8) in Beijing.

As for the other specs, Cheng’s teasers indicate that the Lenovo Z5 will come with a humongous internal storage of 4TB, shaming much of the smartphone industry with their 256GB or less options.

Playfuldroid also notes “it is speculated that the Z5 will be driven by Snapdragon 845.” The site outlines that “Cheng has previously claimed that the upcoming flagship is packed with 4 technological breakthroughs and 18 patented technologies.”