HP Omen 15 Loaded with NVIDIA’s GTX 1070, Max-Q Graphics Card, Mindframe Headset and 4K Gaming

HP has revitalised its laptop line with the latest HP Omen 15, which may not be the fastest or a unique gaming laptop but nevertheless its spectacular design and other features make it an attractive buy. It has just got the coolest update – Nvidia’s GTX 1070 with Max-Q graphics card. This is a luxury GPU straight out of Pascal series.

HP Omen 15: Features and Specs

With an all-new sleek design, the new Omen 15 weighs lighter than the original one and it has also got a stylish aluminium keyboard which just proves HP is doing all it can to improve the overall experience of the gamers worldwide. By reducing the bezels on the screen, display has improved significantly when compared to the earlier model. With Omen Game Stream already been installed, HP is coming up with a whole bunch of gaming accessories that are suitable with entire Omen series.

Moreover, streaming games to other devices by making the system a game hub first is another cool feature to its cap. Now coming to the specs, this HP model has hexa-core processors, Optane storage facilities and features 4K gaming at 60Hz and 1080p gaming at 60Hz as well as 144Hz. Omen series machines largely align with most of the other gaming machines, specs wise.

Meanwhile, there is also an option for choosing the Nvidia G-Sync panel, if one wants to. These devices are equipped with dual fans that are placed at the corners. With an extra vent at the bottom, hot air goes out sooner keeping the machine cool at all times.

With a special feature in the Command Center, hardcore games can control the fan speed easily depending on their usage.

With several complaints on its previous headset in terms of heat, HP has introduced a new Mindframe Headset, which supports internal cooling technology. The all-new Reactor Mouse has a16,000 DPI sensor and a flexible palm rest.

It seems like that the Omen series is slowly marching more towards the Spectre family in terms of both looks and performance. The starting price of an HP Omen 15 is $979 while the Reactor Mouse is priced at $79. Both of these are out in the market from 29th July 18 onwards.