Pirelli made a tire-shaped Bluetooth speaker that isn’t actually made from tires

If you’re a car enthusiast then the words “Pirelli” and “Bluetooth speaker” will definitely perk up your ears. The Italian tire manufacturer is licensing and debuting the Pirelli P Zero Sound, a Bluetooth speaker modeled after a Formula 1 racing wheel and tire, at one half the scale.

Unfortunately, the one feature that would make this specialty speaker complete is if it were an actual rubber racing tire. But alas, the P Zero Sound is a replica mold (that comes in nine colors) of the smaller tire F1 teams use for their aerodynamic wind tunnel testing. The speaker’s manufacturer, iXoost (pronounced like “exhaust”) is based in Modena, Italy, and has a reputation for producing motorsports-themed speaker systems.

Specs-wise, the P Zero Sound measures 12.9-inches in diameter, weighs 21 pounds, has a 100-watt amplifier, Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX for wireless connectivity, a 100mm midwoofer, and a 25mm tweeter.

The P Zero Sound definitely has enough power to keep you entertained in the garage, but also costs more than a real Pirelli tire: 2,400 euros, equivalent to about $2,800.