Volvo teases potentially self-driving 360c concept in videos

Is Volvo preparing to show its vision for self-driving cars to the world? New teaser videos that highlight an upcoming concept called the 360c appear to point in that direction.

The first teaser video shows only the concept car’s lighting elements, which consist of a variety of white lights up front and fin-shaped red ones in the back. Though there are no other details offered, Volvo’s caption for the video seems to imply the vehicle will drive itself: “Coming soon: our vision for the future of travel. Could time spent travelling become time well spent?”

Another teaser clip is simpler, showing simply a steaming mug of coffee in an abstract background. Is it an in-car coffee maker, perhaps? Once again, the video’s caption appears to suggest that the 360c will provide occupants with lots of free time — i.e. because they wouldn’t need to drive themselves. “In the future, you will have more time for yourself while travelling,” it reads. “What could become the everyday luxuries of travel?

Given the emphasis on giving time back to drivers, it’s likely the Volvo 360c is some sort of self-driving pod-like vehicle in the veins of ones we’ve seen from other automakers. After all, this concept comes after the announcement of the Volvo M mobility division, which plans to offer, “dependable, on-demand access to cars and services through an intuitive app.” In other words, a system where passengers could hail a self-driving vehicle. The Swedish automaker’s steps toward full autonomy include plans for a Level 4 self-driving feature called Highway Assist in the 2021 XC90 SUV.

We expect Volvo will fully reveal the 360c very soon, will bring you all the details and photos once the automaker shares them.