SanDisk’s massive 400GB microSD card is on sale for $100 at Amazon

It’s not hard to find a decent deal on storage these days, but today’s deal of the day on Amazon includes high-capacity flash drives, microSD cards, and external hard drives for far less than their usual costs. The highlights of this promo — which centers on products from SanDisk, Western Digital, and G-Technology — include the $99.99 400GB microSD card that launched at $249.99 last year. That’s going to add a lot of extra storage to your Android smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, or Nintendo Switch.

If you’re into photography, Amazon has also discounted SanDisk’s fast-writing Extreme Pro SD cards. The 128GB model is about $20 off at $38.65, and the 256GB version is $88.79. If it makes sense for your workflow, buying two of the 128GB cards over a single 256GB model might make more sense.

Today’s big storage sale also extends to a variety of external hard drive sizes and styles, including ones that connect via USB-C and provide Power Delivery to work as a charger while plugged in, like G-Technology’s 8TB model that is almost $100 off at $204.99