This wireless gaming headset is ready to rumble

Whether it’s adventuring as Link in Legend of Zelda or climbing mountains in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, video games are a big part of my life and over the years, I found ways to make playing them more immersive. That journey is dotted by a big screen TV, wireless controllers, a speaker bar and a comfy chair, but the Razer’s Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset might by my next tool.

The wireless headset is packed with haptic drivers that cleverly vibrate to compliment audio as you play. It’s the first wireless gaming headset to use haptic drivers, called “Razer HyperSense.” During gameplay the headphone’s haptics can provide positional awareness for sounds, music and effects.

The ear cups are made from memory foam and lined with cooling gel to help keep your ears from getting too hot. In the cushion is a hidden channel for eyeglass frames that alleviate pressure on your temples.

Ear cups are covered in leatherette and can swivel to provide a snug fit. The headband feels soft springy feel and fits like a well-worn baseball cap. I got to try a pre-production copy of the Nari Ultimate headset and they are wonderfully comfortable.

Other features include THX spacial audio that helps position sounds and effects around you. There is also a game and chat dial that allows you to find just the right mix of chat volume and game volume.

The Nari Ultimate headphones have wireless support for Mac, PC and PlayStation and are just one of three headsets in Razer’s Nari family.

There’s the Razer Nari Ultimate with haptic feedback, the Razer Nari without the haptic feedback and the Razer Nari Essential which lacks haptic feedback and wired connectivity

The Razer Nari headset is currently available for purchase while the Nari Ultimate and Nari Essential will be available later this year. For a comparison of specs and features on each headset see the chart below.