Chromecasts now support multi-room music playback

Chromecasts can now be used to play music in sync across multiple rooms and devices. Engadget reports that an update rolling out today allows Chromecasts to be added to speaker groups, a handy feature for those who want to combine multiple Google Cast-compatible devices for simultaneous audio streaming. Previously, speaker groups could only be made with audio devices, meaning the standard Chromecast was excluded.

Google announced that support for speaker groups was coming to the Chromecast back in October, so it was just a matter of time until it was rolled out. The feature appears to be available now for users who signed up for Google’s preview program, and works on all generations of Chromecast. XDA Developers reported that some who did not see the option were able to make it pop up by rebooting the device several times. When casting to the speaker group, the Chromecast shows the song information in the bottom left corner of the screen, over background photographs.

To try adding your Chromecast to a speaker group, enable the preview program within the Google Home app under the Settings menu for your Chromecast. It’s a nice update that means a lot more people will have multi-room audio capabilities.